Sunday, July 22, 2007

I've been tagged!

Yes - I've been tagged for the first time ever by the lovely Courtney! Only thing is I don't think I know of anyone that hasn't already been if you're reading this and you haven't been tagged before - let me know!!!

Here's the deal:
1-post these rules
2-each person tagged must post 8 random (... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves
3-tags should write a blog post of these facts
4- at the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named
5-go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged goes......
1. I've done a tandem skydive!!! One of the most exciting things I've ever done!
2. I'm a total chocoholic
3. I got engaged to my hubby at 'Heartbreak Hotel' in the middle of nowhere in the NT
4. I spent a year on a cattle station in the NT
5. Lived on Hamilton Island for about 5 years
6. I have a white birthmark that looks just like a tree in the middle of my back.....weird I know...
7. My fave colour at the moment is pink (comes from having a baby girl I think...)
8. I love the beach but never go swimming in the ocean (so scared of sharks!)

Well there you have it..... Sorry Courtney - I just don't know who I could tag that hasn't already been tagged!

Anyway - it's so nice to have Paul home again - but the poor thing caught the virus that's going around on his way home (he thinks on the plane from the lady sitting next to him) so he was only home for a day or so and then he was knocked flat sick in bed for a few days! He's only just coming good again now...He was finally back at work yesterday.

Haven't really done much this week - just been catching up on the usual washing & ironing, etc. (There seems to be so much more during winter!) I did finally start sorting out all my layouts into some new D ring albums (new Printblocks ones - only about $20ea - they're fantastic!) so I'm starting to feel quite organised. I've been meaning to do it for ages.

We were very proud of Ayden the other day when we took him for his 4yr old needles - he was soooo brave and didn't even utter a word or a wimper!!! Just sat there and even watched the 2nd one going in!!! Paul and I couldn't believe it - we have been dreading taking him for them - which is sort of why we've put it off for so long... Anyway - he was rewarded with a brand new Transformer toy which he picked out at the Target toy sale (good timing!).

Other than that we've just been hanging out at home staying warm and cosy.... We've even had a couple of 0 degree nights here on the Gold Coast! Brrrrrrrr!

Hope everyone is great and having a fantastic weekend!

Sheree xx


  1. Hey Sheree..
    Loved reading your tag!
    What a brave boy Ayden was. We took Madelin for her needles through the week too and she was very brave as well..although she wasn't too keen on the second one. She told the nurse that she didnt like it and didnt want!
    Have a great weeknend, oh and i love your take on Kate's layout..very sweet!

  2. Hi Sheree,

    Well done to Ayden for being so brave getting his needles....I'm terrified of taking Charlotte in September...she's a horror at the doctors!

    Have a great week :-)
    Megan xx

  3. Hi there

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog the other day, always great to read your comments.

    Sorry your husband has been sick. There are lots of nasty germs around this winter season. I do hope he is feeling much better now.

    Well done to Ayden for being so brave. I too sometimes avoid taking my daughter Amanda to get needles cause I know she will scream her head off and be scared.

    I found it very interesting you lived on Hamilton Island for about 5 years. Wow that must have been exciting. I went there for a holiday when I was 21 and I loved it. It's such a relaxing and pretty place.

    Well done sorting your layouts into nice folders, that's terrific. Most of mine are laying inside pizza boxes which is very messy. I really need to get them organised properly.

    Have a great week and take care. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

  4. Thanks for joining in on the tagging, you should scrap about your birthmark and get Paul to photograph it. Hope he is feeling better.


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