Thursday, July 26, 2007

A couple of things to share...

I thought I'd make a note of something funny that Ayden said the other day after he'd had his needles (so I don't forget!) but first - here's my latest addition to the Sketches Oz blog site:

(It took me forever to cut out all those little flowers and stems!) The design team have all created layouts using lovely products supplied by Rasberry. There's some fantastic creations there plus some more sketches you could use. Check them out!

Anyway - back to Ayden. The day after he had his needles he was wrestling with Paul when he suddenly says "Ow Daddy - careful - you hurt my boobies!" Of course Paul apologised but couldn't work out what he did to hurt them...... Then that night at bathtime Ayden was about to get undressed when he says to me "I'd better be careful in the water Mum - I don't want to hurt my boobies!" So I'm thinking why on earth would the water hurt his boobies and couldn't work it out so I asked him and he pointed to his arm and said " My boobies Mum - they're still sore!" Well I laughed and laughed and pointed out to him that is was his arm from his needles, not his boobies that was sore - I think he was confused because the little round circle bandaids were still there and I guess they kind of looked like boobies next to each other (there were two of them after all!). LOL! The things kids say........too funny!!! You just don't know what they'll come out with next!

Well - that's it from me at the moment...I'm off to make a nice hot cuppa and read my new For Keeps mag that came in the mail today....

Catch ya!

Sheree xx


  1. Hi Sheree,

    What a gorgeous layout! This really is so beautiful.

    And I hope Ayden's boobies are feeling better now rotfl!

    Megan xx

  2. Well Sheree....I totally adore this layout...and I absolutley LOVE ther layout that you created for Kates sketch too... LOL at cute!
    Mardi x

  3. Hey your layout...very pretty!
    Don't kiddo's say the finniest things? You'll have to do a layout on that for sure. How hilarious!
    Hope your having a great day.


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