Monday, June 4, 2007

A Visit From Mum & Dad

Paul's been working all weekend so it was great that Mum & Dad decided to drive down for the day. The boys always love it - plus it's nice to have some adult conversation for a change!!

It must be the cooler weather but the boys are spending more and more time in the backyard lately which is great ( a little more peaceful inside!) but why is it that they just have to play in the dirt? I know........they're boys! They had a ball today with their big tonka trucks out there - it's great that they play so well together. Mum even got out there today and played a little soccer with them - GO NANNA! It's been early baths this afternoon because they were so filthy (the boys that is - not Nanna!) and Riley has fallen asleep now - totally worn out! I guess that's how you know you've had a great day.

Madi is just growing in leaps and bounds! She had her 4 month needles the other day. She was really good and didn't even cry for the first one but by the time we got to the third one she was going off big time! Once I picked her up though she stopped crying straight away - brave little thing she is - and she was back to smiling at the nurse before we left! She now weighs 7.2kg and is 66cm long. You can tell she'd love to be able to roll but with her double nappies on it's just too tricky for her. You should see her at bath time - once the nappies come off the legs go straight up in the air and she thinks she's really clever when she can grab her toes. She rolls around on her back - tries to roll on to her tummy but just can't quite make it! She absolutely loves the time in the bath as well - she'd stay there all day if you let her! Tonight she was even splashing the water with her hands - she was concentrating so hard doing it too - little sweetiepie she is!

Spaghetti bol for dinner tonight - something easy that I know the boys will eat! Then I'm looking forward to a nice quiet night in front of the tv - with maybe a little scrapping on the side.......I hope I get a little more sleep tonight - last night between the boys and Madi I don't think I even got 4 hours!!! Must be why I'm feeling rather lazy today.....

Well - hope everyone has had a great weekend! I'm off to cook some dinner - not that I really feel like it.......but we gotta eat!

Sheree xx

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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend with your Mum and Dad visiting.
    I have had mine staying for a week...and its quiet now they are gone.
    Mardi x


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