Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Has it been 6 days already?

It's been ages since I made an entry but I seem to have been tied up lately doing other things. Everyone has been sick over the past week which has been really fun (not!) and I've lost my voice! Well - not completely but it sounds pretty bad......

Anyway what else has happened since I made my last entry.........ummmmm.........we had Mum & Dad, Steve (my brother) & Belinda (his girlfriend) come over for a BBQ on Sunday which was nice. We invited Mick (my other brother), Mel (his wife) and the kids but everyone in their house was sick too! (I guess it's that time of year...) Had a nice chat over snags and chops, then took Mum over to the LSS for a little spend on supplies (always fun). The last couple of days I've spent at home with the kids wiping noses and nagging them to cover their mouths when they cough (why is this so hard for them to do?!).

On a brighter note Paul finished my ribbon box which is now hanging on the wall filled with all my ribbon! I love it! Now I can see just how much ribbon I've got - I'm sure I never have to buy any ribbon ever again! I'll take a pic of it and post it over the next couple of days.....

Oh yeah...I submitted a layout for the first time in about a year to For Keeps the other day and today I got an acceptance e-mail!!! Yahoo! I'll be down at the post office tomorrow to send it off....

Well, Madi has decided she'd like a late night snack so I guess that's it from me tonight! Hope everyone has a nice snuggly, warm night! (It's so cold outside isn't it?! Brrrrrr....)

Sheree xx


  1. Congrats on the acceptance Sheree...however...Im not surprised at all...
    Hope you are all feeling well again soon...
    Mardi x
    ohh...and I cant wait to see your ribbon box!!

  2. Hi Sheree, can't wait to see your ribbon box! I hope you are all better now - it's horrible being sick. Congrats on your acceptance - well done and I can see why, your LO's are gorgeous.


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