Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A couple of things to share.....

Hi everyone! I've finally got some creations to share with you! There's a great new sketch on the Sketches Oz site by the very talented Megan Stephenson. All the girls have done such a fantastic job on their layouts - go and check them out! Here's mine......
Madi was only about 7 weeks old in this photo and we were doing anything we could to make her smile! So cute.....

Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law Mel today!! I made this for her over the weekend for her to hang on her wall........

She should get it in the post today - I hope she likes it!! I've been trying to call her all morning but she's not answering the phone....I'll keep trying........

Well that's it from me at the moment! Hope everyone is getting a little rain like us today!

Sheree xx

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Ribbon Box!

Hi All! Well here it is - a pic of the ribbon box that Paul made me! (What a fantastic hubby I've got!) I love it! Finally somewhere to keep all my ribbons in one spot - all neat and tidy..........

Now I know just how much ribbon I've actually got!! I won't be buying any more in a hurry that's for sure........

We've all still got colds here - gee it's hanging around! Paul isn't so bad anymore and he's been back at work.

Hasn't the weather been COLD!!!!!? I have to say I don't look forward to getting up in the middle of the night to feed Madi at the moment! Bbbrrrrrrrr.... And the bed is always so cold by the time I crawl back in........anyway, that's enough whinging from me!

Sorry I don't have any layouts to share - I have been scrapping but I've decided to attempt a Masters entry so I've been working on that and some DT stuff. I know I won't get too far in the comp but I'll just be happy to complete my entry and get it entered - never done it before!

I don't really have any other news ....... pretty boring I know...... well - hope everyone is having a great weekend! Stay warm!

Sheree xx

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Has it been 6 days already?

It's been ages since I made an entry but I seem to have been tied up lately doing other things. Everyone has been sick over the past week which has been really fun (not!) and I've lost my voice! Well - not completely but it sounds pretty bad......

Anyway what else has happened since I made my last entry.........ummmmm.........we had Mum & Dad, Steve (my brother) & Belinda (his girlfriend) come over for a BBQ on Sunday which was nice. We invited Mick (my other brother), Mel (his wife) and the kids but everyone in their house was sick too! (I guess it's that time of year...) Had a nice chat over snags and chops, then took Mum over to the LSS for a little spend on supplies (always fun). The last couple of days I've spent at home with the kids wiping noses and nagging them to cover their mouths when they cough (why is this so hard for them to do?!).

On a brighter note Paul finished my ribbon box which is now hanging on the wall filled with all my ribbon! I love it! Now I can see just how much ribbon I've got - I'm sure I never have to buy any ribbon ever again! I'll take a pic of it and post it over the next couple of days.....

Oh yeah...I submitted a layout for the first time in about a year to For Keeps the other day and today I got an acceptance e-mail!!! Yahoo! I'll be down at the post office tomorrow to send it off....

Well, Madi has decided she'd like a late night snack so I guess that's it from me tonight! Hope everyone has a nice snuggly, warm night! (It's so cold outside isn't it?! Brrrrrr....)

Sheree xx

Thursday, June 14, 2007

What a relief!

YAY!!! Madi is in the clear!! I took her to her hospital appointment today to get her hips checked and she's all ok! For those of you that don't know, when I had Madison she was an undiagnosed breech (emergency c-section) delivery (sooooooo scary!!!!!) and because she had been in the breech position we discovered on the day she was born that she had dislocating 'clicky' hips. She had to wear a brace for the first 6 weeks of her life (I cried when they put it on her when she was only 2 days old) and it must have been so uncomfortable for her - it looked like this:

We couldn't take it off at all, had to bath her in it, put her clothes over it........luckily an ultrasound at 6 weeks showed that she didn't need it anymore but they told us she had to wear double nappies for another 6 weeks to be on the safe side - this stretched out to 12-13 weeks! Today they x-rayed her hips and at 4 1/2 she's now completely healed!!! I can't tell you how relieved we are. When we first found out they told us all sorts of horror stories like her needing surgery if we didn't treat it early....

Anyway (you're doing really well if you're still reading this!) it's all over now. I've got so many clothes I haven't been able to put on her because of the bulky double nappies - she's got a whole new wardrobe to wear!

(Couldn't resist another cute pic!)

Hope everyone enjoyed origin night (woohoo Qld!!).......

Until next time......byeeeeeeeee!!!

Sheree xx

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The last few days...

There's a great new sketch on the Sketches Oz site by Melissa Goodsell this week. It was really easy to work with so why not have a go yourself! Here's my take on it:

I love this pic of Ayden and Madi - he has absolutely adored her from the moment he first set eyes on her - he's such a lovely big brother to her!

I went to the Scrapbook Convention in Brissie on Saturday with Mum. Had a great time and bought some cool stuff but it was smaller than I had imagined.......I wish I had booked in to do some classes but it was a bit tricky in the lead up to it knowing whether Paul would be at home to look after the kids....oh well - maybe next year! I had tried to make sure I had enough milk in the fridge so Paul could feed Madi while I was gone (I'm still breastfeeding her) but the little rascal wouldn't have a bar of drinking out of a bottle for him so she basically had nothing until I came home!! So as it turned out it's probably a good thing I didn't do classes this year or Paul would have been tearing his hair out by the end of the day!

Paul has had the last couple of days home as the helicopter was offline at work so that's been a bonus (that's made it 6 days off for him this week!)- especially for the boys - they love having him home! We took them to the indoor softplay place yesterday and they had a ball as usual - they never want to come home from there! It's such a great place for them....they can climb, bounce, run around, play in the ball pit as much as they like and there's a cafe area for Paul and I to grab a cuppa and something yum to there's a scrapbook shop next door!!!!! Gotta love that!

Not much planned for today.......just washing, ironing.....the never-ending list of chores.....might get some more scrapping done tonight though!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Sheree xx

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Just Thought I'd Share.....

I just finished this layout tonight in Kim Archer's "Just Because" Workshop........

I had a lot of fun with this workshop and it was so easy to work through. (This workshop was free too! Love that!)
Gotta run - I'm missing '24' and I've got a nice hot cuppa waiting for me....enjoy your evening!
Sheree xx

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

She's Done It!!

Well a big moment for Madi in the Forcier house today - SHE ROLLED!! Clever little thing - even with her double nappies on too! She was just so proud of herself - here's a pic taken just after she'd done her very first roll......

Just look at those big blue eyes! Little cutie......

Anyway, I've been checking out Kim Archer's new site and it's so cool! Fantastic to be able to do some of her workshops from the comfort of your own home.....I've already 'purchased' the free workshop which I'm planning on doing tonight and then I'm going to have a go at the Funky Foto Folios - they look so cute - and handy too! (I'm hanging out for my kit to arrive so I can get started...) She's got a fabulous team of talented ladies working with her as well (woohoo Mardi! *waving*)!! . Go and have a look for yourself!

I'm off now to make the most of the rest of the night - gotta love it when all the kids are finally in bed asleep - the rest of the day is mine!! YAY! Have a great evening everyone!

Sheree xx

Monday, June 4, 2007

A Visit From Mum & Dad

Paul's been working all weekend so it was great that Mum & Dad decided to drive down for the day. The boys always love it - plus it's nice to have some adult conversation for a change!!

It must be the cooler weather but the boys are spending more and more time in the backyard lately which is great ( a little more peaceful inside!) but why is it that they just have to play in the dirt? I know........they're boys! They had a ball today with their big tonka trucks out there - it's great that they play so well together. Mum even got out there today and played a little soccer with them - GO NANNA! It's been early baths this afternoon because they were so filthy (the boys that is - not Nanna!) and Riley has fallen asleep now - totally worn out! I guess that's how you know you've had a great day.

Madi is just growing in leaps and bounds! She had her 4 month needles the other day. She was really good and didn't even cry for the first one but by the time we got to the third one she was going off big time! Once I picked her up though she stopped crying straight away - brave little thing she is - and she was back to smiling at the nurse before we left! She now weighs 7.2kg and is 66cm long. You can tell she'd love to be able to roll but with her double nappies on it's just too tricky for her. You should see her at bath time - once the nappies come off the legs go straight up in the air and she thinks she's really clever when she can grab her toes. She rolls around on her back - tries to roll on to her tummy but just can't quite make it! She absolutely loves the time in the bath as well - she'd stay there all day if you let her! Tonight she was even splashing the water with her hands - she was concentrating so hard doing it too - little sweetiepie she is!

Spaghetti bol for dinner tonight - something easy that I know the boys will eat! Then I'm looking forward to a nice quiet night in front of the tv - with maybe a little scrapping on the side.......I hope I get a little more sleep tonight - last night between the boys and Madi I don't think I even got 4 hours!!! Must be why I'm feeling rather lazy today.....

Well - hope everyone has had a great weekend! I'm off to cook some dinner - not that I really feel like it.......but we gotta eat!

Sheree xx

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Finally Back Online!!!!

YAY!!! It seems like forever since I updated my blog - I guess it has been a couple of weeks! Disaster struck when our laptop decided to bite the dust - we managed to save all our files (including our photos) just before the hard drive crashed for good! We haven't had internet access until today when our super dooper new computer arrived! Of course I've only just been able to get on here now at 11 o'clock at night because Paul has been totally hogging it all day setting it up and playing around.

I'm going to have to catch up on all the online happenings over the next couple of days so this blog entry will be a quick one.

The new sketch has appeared on the Sketches Oz site this week - here's my layout using Michelle Perry's sketch:

The girls have done some fabulous layouts - check them out at!
Well - it's getting late and Madi has decided she'd like a late night snack so that's it from me tonight! I'll have to make another entry over the weekend when I get some more time. Have a great one everyone!
Sheree xx