Saturday, May 12, 2007


I'd so love a holiday! Mum & Dad just got back from a trip to Fiji a couple of days ago and it sounds so beautiful! It's the first time Mum has ever been out of the country and she can't stop talking about it. I'm looking forward to checking out their pics - although Dad said he's taken about 700 of them!!! I'm really glad they took this trip - IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!

We went and picked up some professional photos of Madi last night. Boy they know how to hit you!! It's rediculous how much they wanted for their packages!! We ended up buying the best two single pics - they were just too gorgeous to resist! Just have to get some frames now....

Madi's still in double nappies for another 6 weeks! (cloth nappy over her disposable one) We took her for her check-up last week and her left hip is still clicking. Bummer! Let's hope we get the all-clear at the next visit! She hasn't been able to teach herself to roll yet because of the extra bulk but I'm sure it won't take her long to catch up once the nappies come off! At least she doesn't have to wear the splint anymore.

Looks like a little rain is starting to fall outside - YAY!! The grass was starting to look quite brown. Don't think it'll last long though....

Well - I'm hoping to get into a little scrapping tonight so I think I'll go and gather some pics and papers together. Hope everyone has a great night!!

Sheree xx

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