Saturday, May 19, 2007


Well - Friday already! Where did the week go? I thought I'd better make an entry even though I don't really have anything to add (yawn!). Haven't really done much this week. Paul has been doing a bit of creating in the shed on his days off so I couldn't really get much done. He's been working on his helicopter design (he's been working on this for a couple of years now) but he's also building me a ribbon storage box for the wall. I was inspired by a ribbon box that appeared in Scrapbooking Memories (last month I think it was) made out of a shadow box frame. I did a quick drawing of what I was after and Paul has been busy building it. It's a simple design but it should solve my ribbon storage problem and get rid of the mess! I'll post a pic of it when it's finished.

I took a few pics of the kids yesterday. I realised I hadn't taken any for a while. Here's a few:
Ayden's hair looks really red in the photo but it's actually a bit lighter than that. The grass actually looks nice and green at the moment and we had more rain overnight. Had a funny moment yesterday with the boys. Ayden had hurt his finger on the trampoline (that's not the funny bit) and I gave him his teddy bear ice pack to put on it, then Riley decided he wanted the flower ice pack because he didn't want to miss out. Well I went in to change Madi's nappy and the boys decided to attack me with the ice packs! I couldn't defend myself because I was holding on to Madi so all I could do was laugh! I just couldn't stop laughing and they wouldn't stop! It was really the end I had to get serious with them so I could go to the loo! I did make it in time but only just! (LOL!) Aaaaaahhhhhhh.....maybe you just had to be there............
If you've actually stuck around to read all this you've done really well! That's about it from me today! Have a great weekend everyone!
Sheree xx


  1. Hi Sheree,
    Don't kids do the funniest things sometimes :D
    Great photo's of the kids

  2. Too funny Sheree!! You are so lucky, ribbon storage. Boy your boys are growing up!xx


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