Saturday, May 19, 2007


Well - Friday already! Where did the week go? I thought I'd better make an entry even though I don't really have anything to add (yawn!). Haven't really done much this week. Paul has been doing a bit of creating in the shed on his days off so I couldn't really get much done. He's been working on his helicopter design (he's been working on this for a couple of years now) but he's also building me a ribbon storage box for the wall. I was inspired by a ribbon box that appeared in Scrapbooking Memories (last month I think it was) made out of a shadow box frame. I did a quick drawing of what I was after and Paul has been busy building it. It's a simple design but it should solve my ribbon storage problem and get rid of the mess! I'll post a pic of it when it's finished.

I took a few pics of the kids yesterday. I realised I hadn't taken any for a while. Here's a few:
Ayden's hair looks really red in the photo but it's actually a bit lighter than that. The grass actually looks nice and green at the moment and we had more rain overnight. Had a funny moment yesterday with the boys. Ayden had hurt his finger on the trampoline (that's not the funny bit) and I gave him his teddy bear ice pack to put on it, then Riley decided he wanted the flower ice pack because he didn't want to miss out. Well I went in to change Madi's nappy and the boys decided to attack me with the ice packs! I couldn't defend myself because I was holding on to Madi so all I could do was laugh! I just couldn't stop laughing and they wouldn't stop! It was really the end I had to get serious with them so I could go to the loo! I did make it in time but only just! (LOL!) Aaaaaahhhhhhh.....maybe you just had to be there............
If you've actually stuck around to read all this you've done really well! That's about it from me today! Have a great weekend everyone!
Sheree xx

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers' Day!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!! I've had such a lovely day - I feel so spoiled!! Paul made me pancakes for brekkie (yummo) and I got some great prezzies! A gorgeous dressing gown - it's soooooooo soft and fluffy, with matching slippers, some winter pj's, some scrapping supplies, a beautiful painting from Ayden that he did at kindy and a Clip It Up!!!!!!!!!! What's a clip it up? Here's a pic:

It's awesome! I love it! I can fit so many supplies on it and everything is right at my fingertips! What a great hubby I've got! We drove up to Mum & Dad's place for a bbq lunch. Dad, Paul & Steve did a great job - it was so nice to sit back and relax! Here's a pic of Mum, Madi and I - 3 generations!
We checked out all the photos that Mum & Dad took in Fiji - what a beautiful place! They've got so many pics I don't know how they are going to decide on which ones to actually print out. Mick, Mel and the kids popped in later in the afternoon so the boys had a ball playing with their cousins. We had tears from Ayden again when it was time to go home - he just wanted to keep on playing as always! I've thoroughly enjoyed my Mothers Day - thank you Paul! I'm off to have a cuppa and enjoy the rest of the evening. Before I go - here's a pic of my gorgeous kids and I tonight - I'm so lucky to be Mum to these 3! :

Bye 'til next time!
Sheree xx

Saturday, May 12, 2007


I'd so love a holiday! Mum & Dad just got back from a trip to Fiji a couple of days ago and it sounds so beautiful! It's the first time Mum has ever been out of the country and she can't stop talking about it. I'm looking forward to checking out their pics - although Dad said he's taken about 700 of them!!! I'm really glad they took this trip - IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!

We went and picked up some professional photos of Madi last night. Boy they know how to hit you!! It's rediculous how much they wanted for their packages!! We ended up buying the best two single pics - they were just too gorgeous to resist! Just have to get some frames now....

Madi's still in double nappies for another 6 weeks! (cloth nappy over her disposable one) We took her for her check-up last week and her left hip is still clicking. Bummer! Let's hope we get the all-clear at the next visit! She hasn't been able to teach herself to roll yet because of the extra bulk but I'm sure it won't take her long to catch up once the nappies come off! At least she doesn't have to wear the splint anymore.

Looks like a little rain is starting to fall outside - YAY!! The grass was starting to look quite brown. Don't think it'll last long though....

Well - I'm hoping to get into a little scrapping tonight so I think I'll go and gather some pics and papers together. Hope everyone has a great night!!

Sheree xx

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wow! I'm on a Design Team!

WOW! I'm so excited! I won a spot on the Sketches Oz Design Team!!!! I'm so thrilled to be working with such a talented bunch of ladies. Be sure to check out the blog at - it's just full of inspiration!! Here are the layouts I submitted for my entry to the comp:

I just adore this photo of Madison - so totally gorgeous!

He's just full of imagination this kid!! Two bites into his sandwich and suddenly he's flying a spaceship! Too funny...

It's the first time I've tried this sized layout but I quite like it! I'm planning on doing my pregnancy album in this size for a change.

After all the excitement about the DT spot, the rest of the day seems quite boring really! I'm still working on customising my blog. For the life of me I can't work out how to add my slide shows down the side! Very frustrating!! I'll keep working on it......

Well Madi is making her presence known well and truly - must be hungry - so I guess that's it from me for now!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Well....I've finally done it!

I've finally created a blog! Been thinking about it for ages and decided to take the plunge! Now all I have to do is figure out how to customise this thing!! (This could take a while!)

Didn't really do much today. Paul did weed the front garden which badly needed doing. He actually chopped a brown snake in half with the shovel but didn't realised it until he saw the tail!!!! The scary thing is he found the tail but couldn't find the dangerous half anywhere - lets hope it's dead whereever it is! I spent most of the day looking after the kids and sorting my massive pile of ribbons into some sort of order. Paul is going to build me a ribbon display box for the wall which should look great in my scrap room - what a great hubby!

Well - that's about it for today -it's getting late and we've got the kindy run to do in the morning so it's off to bed for me!